Why Prague sucks?

28. července 2017 v 18:29 | Brooklyn Girl |  Random

When I go abroad and someone asks me in which city in Czech Republic I live, I answer Prague. And he is like "oh cool, I will visit Prague soon. It is really beautiful city." Yes, Prague is very beautiful. But thats all.

It has one of the most gorgeous architecture in Europe, it has many parks, museums and exhibitions. Maybe thats why the streets are so crowded - almost like in London. The diffrence is, when you axcidentaly push someone on the street in London, he say sorry to you. (What??) When someone pushes you in Prague, they just give you a bad look moreover. The people are not nice to each other in general. If you stay just for one day, you may not see this. But if you stay here for more days, you may feel the negativity as I do.

What to do when Prague sucks?

Go somewhere else!

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